EGR Delete

What Does an EGR Delete Do?

As automotive experts, we’re always recommending ways to improve your vehicle, especially with aftermarket alterations. There are common upgrades like a cat-back exhaust system or supercharging your car, among many. Beyond these, one thing most vehicle owners don’t know about is an EGR delete. But that’s why the Loper’s Performance Center team is here to explain what an EGR delete is and why it can be beneficial for your car.

What Is an EGR?

An EGR system handles exhaust gas recirculation. Essentially, it’s a smaller process system within your vehicle’s exhaust system. It recirculates some of the engine’s exhaust emissions back through the cylinders, which overall reduces nitrous oxide emissions.

What Is an EGR Delete?

An EGR delete uses a specific kit to remove the vehicle’s EGR system. There are aftermarket EGR delete kits for a number of diesel engines. If successfully completed, a vehicle will function like the EGR valve was never installed.

Benefits of an EGR Delete

Many gearheads discover that their vehicle can improve with aftermarket alterations. An EGR delete is no different. You’ll notice several changes with an EGR delete.

Improved fuel economy and engine longevity. Arguably the most beneficial element of an EGR delete is that it restores your diesel engine’s power levels, so the fuel efficiency improves. Exhaust gasses also travel away from your car’s engine, which means your car will run more cleanly. Specifically, it reduces the chances of diesel particulate filter failure.

Reduced engine temperature. EGR valves have a high content of soot. And because of this, the system clogs more easily which increases the temperature around your engine. With an EGR delete, there’s less blockage and therefore a reduced temperature for your engine.

Saves money down the line. An EGR delete can save you money in two ways. First, removing the EGR eliminates the potential of the EGR system itself getting damaged, which requires repairs. Second, with the better fuel economy and treatment on your engine, your vehicle can go longer without needing repairs, saving you money.

Are EGR Deletes Illegal?

You’re definitely wondering that if EGR deletes are so wonderful, then why doesn’t everybody get them? There’s a short answer to that: EGR deletes are illegal in all 50 states. EGR deletes lead to more pollution, and it’s mandatory for all vehicles to meet government environmental regulations. The penalty for an EGR delete can cost you thousands, so be careful with your aftermarket alterations. Yet, it’s permissible for EGR deletes when you’re off-roading. Use caution with pursuing an EGR delete, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Loper’s Performance for consultation.

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