Removing Catalytic Converter

The Pros and Cons of Removing a Catalytic Converter

When considering your entire exhaust system, one of the most important components is your catalytic converter. After all, it’s crucial in altering gasses to allow them to be safely emitted into the environment. Now all petrol vehicles and most diesel engines come fitted with a catalytic converter. And in some cases, a vehicle must meet government environmental regulations.

Yet, some gearheads might argue a catalytic converter isn’t worth it. Few will even go so far as to remove it entirely from their vehicle. Before you do anything like that, we encourage you to first read this article where the Loper’s Performance Center team breaks down the pros and cons of removing a catalytic converter. 

What Is a Catalytic Converter?

In case you don’t know, a catalytic converter converts harmful gasses in the car’s exhaust to less harmful gasses that can be funneled through underneath the car and exit at the rear, in the tailpipe. It plays a part in a vehicle’s overall performance as well as in adhering to safety regulations. With a catalytic converter, your car emits safer, healthier emissions.

Pros of Removing a Catalytic Converter    

With that understanding, let’s dive into the benefits of a catalytic converter delete. Be sure to remember that these might differ depending on vehicle age and model.

Louder Engine 

Gearheads’ favorite thing to improve with their vehicle typically is the noise it produces. With a loud roar, we can sometimes feel like we’re race car drivers. Getting rid of your catalytic converter will increase its noise. On top of that, you can get rid of your muffler or alter the exhaust tips. There are plenty of alterations to improve your vehicle’s sound, and a catalytic converter delete is one of them.

More Power 

We can’t deny a personal favorite of a catalytic converter delete: added horsepower. Catalytic converters create a lot of backpressure on the engine to run effectively. This curtails power and makes it more difficult for the engine to breathe. Without it, the engine pushes air more freely, running more smoothly.

Less Engine Heat 

With less pressure throughout the engine and exhaust system, your vehicle’s engine is freed up. A large benefit of this is that there’s less engine heat. The engine works half as hard without a catalytic converter. Your engine will run more smoothly and be particularly lighter on hot days. 

Better Gas Mileage 

Because your engine doesn’t have to work as hard, a catalytic converter will improve gas mileage. The car can use fuel more efficiently. Specifically older model vehicles do better without a catalytic converter restricting its output.

Cons of Removing a Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter delete might initially seem like an ideal customization. But let’s not forget about the drawbacks of removing your catalytic converter.

Poor Emissions 

It’s no surprise that removing the catalytic converter (the part of your exhaust system that transmits harmful gasses into less harmful ones) will result in poor vehicle emissions. Your car will continuously be emitting harmful toxins into the environment. On top of that, you will fail any emissions tests, which can be necessary in certain states. If you fail, you can be fined, so be sure to check with your local mechanic before doing this.

Check Engine Light 

If a catalytic converter delete isn’t done right or depending on the vehicle, your check engine light can come on. This isn’t a huge problem, but can be annoying for any driver. So, ensure you find the right person for the job or have them check your vehicle’s settings beforehand.

Muffled Exhaust

Removing your catalytic converter obviously changes the sound. Depending on the driver, this can be a drawback of a catalytic converter delete.

Should I Remove My Catalytic Converter? 

Every vehicle upgrade will come with pros and cons. A catalytic converter delete is no different. This unfortunately means that the answer is up to you for whether or not you should remove your catalytic converter.

Something to keep in mind is that there are several other aftermarket customizations. You can do a cat-back exhaust, alter exhaust pipe sizing, remove your muffler, and more.

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