Signs Your Carburetor Is Failing

A vehicle’s carburetor is part of the fuel system, and it’s responsible for regulating the mixture of air and fuel. It’s a feature of older cars, and manufacturers stopped using carburetors in the late 1980s. But for gearheads who love their classic cars, chances are your ride has a carburetor.

Unfortunately for those same gearheads, carburetors can tend to get out of whack more frequently than you’d like. The Loper’s Performance Center team consists of passionate gearheads who understand the stress that car maintenance requires. So, in this article, we outline common signs that your vehicle’s carburetor is failing.

What Is a Vehicle Carburetor?

As mentioned, a carburetor regulates the air and fuel mixture, but how does it accomplish that? A carburetor has two swiveling valves: the choke at the top and the throttle underneath. Both the choke and the throttle work simultaneously to regulate airflow. They open and close depending on different driving conditions for an optimal air and fuel mixture.

While a clever invention in its time, the carburetor has grown to become outdated and problem-ridden. The fuel injector now has proved to be more efficient, making for a better, more smooth ride.

Poor Fuel Economy

With the carburetor becoming essentially defunct, there are many problems you may run into to indicate that your carburetor is struggling.

The first is a reduction in engine performance. Of course, a key indicator for this is poor fuel economy. You shouldn’t be cognizant of the pump just for savings but also to gauge how well your car is running. The combustion process keeps your car running, and the carburetor is crucial in that. If the air and gas mixture is out of sorts, your car will suffer. Worse gas mileage can indicate that a few things in the car and exhaust are struggling, but the carburetor can be a good guess.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Any excessive or deeply-colored smoke is an immediate sign that your car is not running well. This can be from the engine, a sign of overheating, or the muffler, indicating an exhaust leak. Or, black exhaust smoke can mean that your carburetor is decaying.

Black exhaust smoke can mean an overly-rich fuel mixture. You want your car to be working harmoniously, including the carburetor. If it isn’t mixing air and fuel well, black smoke may appear from the exhaust system.

Engine Backfires

When the mixture of air and fuel within the engine is off-balanced, the engine doesn’t work well. This leads to a backfire or possibly overheating. Your vehicle will be deprived of fuel, so it works harder to function and maintain speed. This often results in a backfire.

Difficulty Starting

The combustion process is essential to start your car. As you can guess, an improper fuel and air mixture will hinder the combustion process, and thus your car’s ease of starting. Your car can struggle to start because of the engine or the battery, but, either way, you’ll want to get it inspected by a trusted mechanic.

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