When To Replace Your Exhaust System: 5 Signs Of Deficiency

Your car is a complex machine consisting of many parts that experienced engineers have thoughtfully and carefully placed in their correct position. Each car part has a role in helping the car make a smooth and safe ride. One of these parts is the exhaust system and happens to be among the hard-worked systems of your car.

The exhaust system has a role in maintaining clean air in the cabin and atmosphere. It redirects the hazardous fumes from the engine to the outside of the car while turning them into less harmful emissions to prevent inhalation by you and passengers in the car. Unfortunately, a time comes when the system begins experiencing problems and requires you to consider a replacement.

Below are five signs you should replace your exhaust system.

1. Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is important to any car owner, and you don’t want to handle anything that decreases quickly.  Several issues could cause a decline in fuel efficiency, but an exhaust leak is a more likely reason why you’re visiting the gas pump more than usual.

Exhaust leaks cause a pseudo reading on the oxygen sensor placed near the system, leading to extra fuel burning and consequently dropping your mileage. Besides, an exhaust leak may hinder fumes from leaving the system, thus causing the engine to run at a hotter temperature and lowering your fuel efficiency. When you notice a drop in Miles per Gallon, it is wise to schedule a car inspection service and have the system replaced before harmful gases begin to find their way into your cabin.

2. Visible Exhaust Pipe Damage

Taking a look at the exhaust pipe is one of the easiest ways to determine whether it needs replacement. Damage to the exhaust system can occur when you run over a bump at a fast speed or hit a pothole. It could be unseating, hanging down, breaking, bending, or holes in the pipe. Dragging an exhaust pipe may pose a danger to you and other drivers around you if it falls off the vehicle.

3. Increased Engine Noise

A problem with the exhaust system is one of the reasons behind engine noise. When you begin to hear a loud rumbling sound coming from your engine, chances are there is a leak in the exhaust manifold and joints. Once you begin to notice increasing decibels, it might be time to consider replacing the exhaust system. The leak may allow hazardous gases to penetrate the safe cabin and putting you at health risk.

4. Burning Smell

A burning smell, especially in an automobile, is a bad sign and should sound an alarm. When the manifold gasket fails and begins to leak near the engine part or wiring, the heat from exhaust fumes may cause the plastic parts to burn. The smell will find its way to the cabin, and sometimes you might even notice some smoke. When you start noticing a burning smell, you don’t even have to wait for the smoke. Consider replacing the exhaust system to avoid health risks.

5. Vibrations

When you begin to notice vibrations on the steering wheel, gas pedal, or car seat, chances are the exhaust system has a problem. The vibrations could be due to a rusty exhaust pipe, especially in cars that take many short trips. Such a distance is insufficient to make the pipe and the muffler hot to a level of evaporating the collected water, thus causing the condensation to remain there and rust the system.

Additionally, exhaust leaks that are big enough can make you feel the entire vehicle shaking. The odd vibrations are not just car health issues, but safety issues too, since they disrupt your ability to control the car with precision.

Replacing Your Exhaust System

When you realize any of the above signs in your vehicle, do not hesitate to reach out to experts for assistance. Lopers Performance is a leader in the automotive exhaust industry and has provided car-owners in Phoenix, AZ, with high-quality products and services for over a decade. Contact us today to get a quote.