PennGrade Oil: Everything You Need To Know

As you probably know, an oil change is a regular occurrence for proper maintenance for your car. But what you probably don’t know is that selecting the right oil to use for your car can have a big impact on performance. In fact, modern oil lubricant has drastically improved a car’s lifespan in that it needs to be replaced an average of every 5,000 miles now where several years ago it was every 3,000 miles. 

The automobile industry is seeing these sorts of improvements to an owner’s ability to positively impact its car’s lifespan, and determining what oil you choose is a great start. We’re going to take a look and outline everything you need to know about PennGrade oil. 


PennGrade, formally named as PennGrade 1®, has been around since 1965. It gets its name after being made in a refinery in Bradford, Pennsylvania, which eventually was Brad Penn and later changed in 2015 to simple PennGrade 1. 

What helps PennGrade stand out still for over 50 years is that it is “the original green oil,” which drew in a lot of early customers, including several famous racers who used PennGrade to win world championships. Now in 2021, PennGrade still has the green oil, only improved and enhanced over the years, especially with a zinc and phosphorus package. 


Throughout the years, manufacturers and car owners have developed a sense of trust for PennGrade. They recognize that it delivers less internal friction, durability for the engine, and more horsepower. PennGrade is effective for street and racing cars, giving it a unique edge over competing oils. If it can work on a race car that consistently flies over 200 miles per hour for a few hours, it can certainly provide exceptional results to your car, whatever the situation. 

PennGrade was crafted with protection in mind. The Zinc and Phosphorus contents provide a much-needed protection against wear within your engine. PennGrade also specifically protects against high temperatures and shock to stressed engine parts. With this in mind, PennGrade oil gives your car a strong chance at lasting longer than anticipated. Less wear and damage to the inside of the engine, the better and longer it will run. 

Another key aspect to PennGrade oil is its viscosity, which determines how the lubricant reacts to changes. So, an oil with stronger viscosity will more quickly and effectively respond to a change in speed, pressure, and temperature, ensuring you have a smooth ride. PennGrade performs at a high level with a “multi-viscosity grade,” so it can adapt to cold or hot weather, making it the perfect all-around oil for any climate. This helps for easier, quicker engine warm-up, and it won’t damage the engine in the process. 


PennGrade 1 oil is a fan favorite, stacking up over 400 reviews with an astonishing rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Customers rave that it:

  • Is the best price. When compared to other popular brands ranging anywhere from $20 to $30, PennGrade 1 stands out at under $14! 
  • Works with all sorts of engines. Whether it’s a race car, older (especially before 1994, because the PennGrade zinc and phosphorus protect those engines better), sporty, flat tappet engine, etc., PennGrade has any driver covered. 
  • Provides an exceptional feel to the ride. Drivers comment that cars run more quietly and smoothly while having a firm idle and no loud noises when the engine revs. 
  • Has a lasting impact. After years of use, customers noted that there’s less wear and upkeep for their cars, because the oil acts well as a lubricant to protect the engine. 
  • Is their one and only oil. Once someone uses PennGrade oil, they are so satisfied with the results and drive, they proudly say they won’t switch to another oil brand. 

Final Thoughts

The right oil is the first, and possibly the best, choice you can make to protect and enjoy your car. With a greater lifespan, smoother ride, and stronger performance, PennGrade 1 should be your next purchase when you’re thinking about the proper care for your car.