5 Signs Your Muscle Car Fuel Injectors Are Clogged

Excited to drive to work on Monday morning, but your car won’t start? While there are many reasons that this could be happening, you may have to check whether the fuel injectors are clogged. 

Don’t be left in a dilemma where to start; you can have Lopers Performance experts help you out. You don’t have to miss work or that important meeting with your new client. 

So, could there be other signs that you missed before your muscle car disappointed you? Here are five signs your muscle car fuel injectors are clogged.

  • Difficulty Starting the Engine

One of the main signs that your muscle car has a clogged fuel injector is experiencing problems when starting your automotive or the engine not starting at all. Fuel injectors deliver gas to suitable cylinders, which is their major function.

When they get clogged, it’s either in a closed or open state, and your engine cannot receive the right fuel and air combination that it needs. Hence, the wrong air to fuel ratio fails to generate the combustion that your car needs.

If you are uncertain if your car is clogged, listen to its sputtering when starting and whether it’s misfiring. You can then visit your Phoenix, AZ automotive expert for top-notch services.

  • Engine Misfires

Is your muscle car engine misfiring? This may be happening since your fuel injector is sending little fuel to the engine. Misfiring usually feels like choppy or delayed acceleration when you lower the gas pedal.

Alternatively, when you accelerate or decelerate, you will notice differences in your car’s reaction. A clogged fuel injector may cause the engine to accelerate too slowly after surging suddenly. These responses happen due to excessive fuel injection into the engine.

  • Rough Idling

Envision this: As you enjoy your ride in Phoenix, you meet a stop sign or encounter traffic, and your car starts to sputter or shake. If this has happened to you lately, you may want to diagnose your muscle vehicle for fuel injector problems because you may have a dirty or clogged one.

When idling, fuel injectors should send a consistent amount of fuel into the engine over time. However, when clogged, they don’t execute this efficiently. Hence, your engine can run violently or roughly, showing your injectors are not operating appropriately.

  • Poor Fuel Economy

How is your fuel consumption? Poor fuel economy is one of the main signs that your fuel injectors are clogged. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to notice unless you are keen. When the fuel injectors are erratic, you may lose fuel or have it leak in your engine.

The fuel injectors might also inject excessive fuel to the engine when it’s unnecessary, wasting fuel. To identify a lowering fuel economy, observe the gas gauge when driving for long distances. Whether on a road trip to Palm Springs or traveling for work to Las Vegas, this is the time to find out if you are dragging along clogged fuel injectors.

  •  Excessive Pollution

Since fuel injectors can cause incomplete or uneven fuel combustion, they increase emissions which cause excess pollution. In some cases, the clogged injector can produce an air/fuel mixture that is so rich and eventually burn out the catalytic converter.

If you notice your automotive is causing excess pollution, visit your Phoenix muscle car expert for proper diagnosis and repair services. Our team of competent professionals will help you get your car to operate efficiently.

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