Carburetor Rebuilds: Everything You Need To Know

We all enjoy smooth rides. But, to have a cozy drive, your car components must be working optimally. One of the vital components of the car is the carburetor. The carburetor regulates the mixture of fuel and air. However, new car models come with fuel injection, which varies the fuel mixing depending on the environmental conditions. 

That said, vintage muscle cars come with four-barrel carburetors. When the carburetor is working correctly, the car engine receives proper ratios of the combustible fuel-air mixture. However, carburetors are susceptible to problems. Even minor issues can cause dangerous and severe complications if they are not rectified well in advance. 

Loper’s Performance is a reputable automotive shop for vintage and modern muscle vehicle services in Phoenix, Illinois. Besides carburetor rebuilds, we sell all types of performance parts. In addition, we offer professional performance repair, diagnostic and service, and dyno tuning.

Common Carburetor problems that Require Rebuilding

A defective carburetor causes combustion problems and, overall, the car’s functionality. For instance, you will have a problem with fuel consumption, decelerating and accelerating. In addition, the engine might run rough or even fail to start or run.

Other common carburetor problems include:

  • They are allowing excess fuel into the manifold. Usually, the problem is caused by leaking floats. 
  • I have worn out needles allowing fuel leak. 
  • Incorrect fuel float setting. 
  • The worn-out accelerating pump causes engine hesitation. 

These problems pose a grave risk to your car if not repaired early enough. Luckily Loper’s Performance has seasoned and highly skilled mechanics well versed with all carburetors problems. 

If you are in Illinois and notice any of the symptoms below, you should visit Loper’s performance shop. Our expert mechanics will diagnose the problem and advise you accordingly. If your carburetor has serious issues that require rebuilding, we will work on it using a stupendous quality rebuilding kit. Ultimately we will ensure your car carb is as good as new. 

Symptoms Showing Your Carburetor Requires Rebuilding

You are probably wondering how you can detect a faulty carburetor. Well, a rough ride is a telltale sign of a problematic unit. Similarly, the motor will die immediately after throttle or rev up. Generally, if the pump and ignition are working fine, any idle problem is likely due to a faulty carburetor. 

Other symptoms include;

  • Poor engine performance and acceleration
  • Exhauster emitting heavy black smoke 
  • Overheating and backfiring 
  • Hard starts- If the engine cranks or turns over but won’t start, you have a dirty carburetor. 

Rebuild or Replace the Carburetor?

When the carburetor seals, floats, and gaskets deteriorate, you have two options; rebuild or replace the unit. 

Rebuilding ensures you retain the inbuilt carburetor. It involves servicing the device with a rebuild kit and replacing a defective component with factory-standard replacement. On the other hand, replacing a carburetor is quite costly, and you have to dig deep to buy a new device. 

Rebuild kits contain essential kits required to refurbish the unit. Ideally, rebuilding involves dismantling the carb and cleaning it thoroughly. We also discard old and worn-out needles and jets and install new ones. Installing new gaskets and O-rings restore the unit to a new-like condition.

If you are not sure whether to rebuild or replace a faulty carburetor, we can advise you accordingly. At Loper’s Performance, we have handled numerous carburetor rebuilds. You can, therefore, rest assured of tip-top quality work. 

Simple Rebuild Process

Performing carburetor rebuild is quite a detailed process. Here is a brief explanation of how to give you an idea of how we go about carb rebuilding. 

  • Before we start rebuilding, we ensure kit device calibration and exact model number match the details on the ID tag.
  • Then we remove the carburetor from the car. 
  • The next step is to Unfasten the accelerator pump and remove the cover. 
  • Then we carefully disassemble the carb by removing screws, hoses and disable the choke.
  • Next, we Wipe the dirt and clean dirt thoroughly. 
  • Once all the components are clean, we Replace all faulty parts. 
  • Lastly, we assemble the carburetor carefully.

Why Opt A Professional For Carb Rebuilt?

Cleaning and rebuilding a two-barrel carburetor is a pretty much simple task. However, rebuilding a four-barrel carburetor is not a cakewalk. Instead, it requires an expert or professional skills. 

You risk damaging your carburetor further when you choose DIY rebuilding. By allowing our expert mechanics to work on your carburetor, you can rest assured of safe and top-notch Loper’s services. 

Call The Car Experts

If you have a faulty carburetor, it is prudent to hire a Loper’s Performance professional for rebuildingGet in touch today, and you will be happy you did.