Car Maintenance Tips for Summer 

Memorial Day weekend approaches, and to most people that means one thing: summer is here. But apart from backyard cookouts, longer days, and vacations at the beach, summer isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, especially for your vehicle. With higher temperatures and more frequent use, cars can take quite the hit during the summer if you aren’t proactive to prevent and fix automotive issues. 

Loper’s Performance Center has been a shop you can trust since 1967. We’ve grown to become the largest speed shop in Arizona as well as a top service center. So, we’ve experienced many hot Arizona summers and want to offer a handful of car maintenance tips to keep you and your family safe during the next few months. 

Double-Check Your Fluid Levels

When the weather changes, vehicle fluids can drain quicker than usual. This includes transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid. Coolant for the summer months is particularly important because it protects engines from overheating, which can be the leading cause of vehicle breakdowns in the summer. You can inspect your vehicle fluids each month, and if you’re wary to check yourself, then trust a professional to help you. 

Get Your AC Inspected Early  

Next to overheating, your vehicle’s AC failing is the most common summer issue. Due to excessive use and how hard your AC works to combat the Arizona heat, you can certainly run into AC problems. Your AC can not cool properly for a number of reasons, such as mold and mildew build-up, electric issues, broken or blocked condenser, and more. We recommend getting this looked at in the next few weeks. The last thing you want is to be stuck in traffic on a 100-degree afternoon without running AC. 

Change Your Oil and Oil Filter  

Similar to the need to check your fluid levels, your oil and oil filter can deplete fast in the intense weather conditions. Oil functions to lubricate all engine parts, so it will drain with the more use and how hot it is. New, clean oil ensures your vehicle runs well all summer long. 

Check Your Car Battery  

One vehicle maintenance task that can escape most driver’s minds is testing your battery. The summer heat accelerates the rate of fluid loss, and it is the number one cause of battery failure. This means if you aren’t looking out for warning signs that you need a new car battery, you can end up stranded this summer. Bring your car in to a trusted mechanic if you’re unsure whether or not your battery’s ready to take on summer. 

Test Your Brakes and Alignment  

Coming off the harsh winter months and conditions, your vehicle’s brakes and alignment often take a shot. Especially if you have a few road trips planned this summer, you’ll want to make sure everything’s working well for driving performance. Poor alignment and brakes are good issues to catch early, because once they’re off they’ll quickly continue to diminish. Or, you can even look into upgrading your disc brakes as a summer vehicle project. 

Clean Your Car 

Our last tip is a simple one: routinely clean your car, both the interior and exterior. Hot temperatures and dirt can negatively affect the plastics and paint. So, a frequent clean will keep your car in good shape. Plus, cleaning the inside of your car contributes to more peaceful driving and upholstery upkeep. 

Don’t forget how much of an asset your vehicle is. You play a significant part in prolonging your car’s lifespan.  

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Not only do we want to offer these tips for you, but we’d love to help you with your car. Contact us for a free quote to upgrade or fix your vehicle. With the summer heat and more frequent driving around the corner, you won’t want to be behind on vehicle maintenance.

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