Benefits of Supercharging Your Muscle Car 

Are you looking for an upgrade for your muscle car? Want something that will boost your vehicle’s overall power output? And do you want a solution that won’t make you break the bank while doing it? Then look no further than supercharging. 

What Is Supercharging?

Supercharging increases the air pressure supplied to the internal combustion engine with an air compressor. The engine receives more oxygen in each intake cycle, so it has a higher power output and burns more fuel. A supercharger is either powered by a belt, shaft, or chain that’s connected to the engine’s crankshaft. 

Additionally, there are two types of superchargers: positive displacement and dynamic compressors. The positive displacement produces a constant level of pressure at all speeds. And the dynamic compressor produces great speed pressure above its threshold but not so much at lower speeds for the vehicle.  

Supercharging vs. Turbocharging  

You may have heard of turbocharging and think it’s the same thing as supercharging, but there are a few key differences between the two. While both are forced induction methods, the air compressor produces power differently. A supercharge physically connects to the engine’s crankshaft as an energy source. On the other hand, a turbocharger indirectly connects to the engine by using exhaust gas to rotate the turbine.  

Turbocharging is lighter in weight, so it’s used for small engine systems. Plus, turbocharging can be more difficult to install and can have turbo lag. These often are common reasons why drivers want to supercharge their muscle car rather than turbocharge it. Supercharging produces more horsepower with a longer life. What many gearheads also cherish is that supercharging adds more sound to your vehicle. 

Pros and Cons to Supercharging  

For your muscle car, there’s no doubt supercharging is the way to go. Here are a few additional benefits that come with supercharging:

  • Increased horsepower. Supercharging is a quick solution to boost power for your vehicle. With faster engine cycles, you can significantly enhance your output. 
  • No lag. Since the compressor is connected to the crankshaft, you won’t feel any lag with supercharging. Power delivery is immediate, so your ride will be more smooth also. 
  • Low revolutions per minutes (RPM) boost. Compared to turbocharging, your vehicle will get good power at a lower RPM, which also contributes to the smooth ride. 
  • Affordable. Finally, supercharging is a great, cost-effective way to boost your horsepower. 

In the same vein, you want to know the downsides to supercharging your vehicle. These are some cons to be mindful of:

  • Less efficient. What goes hand in hand with increased horsepower because of faster engine cycles is decreased efficiency. Superchargers suck engine power just to produce engine power, which can sound false at first. Because the engine belt is connected to the crankshaft, an air pump essentially powers another air pump. 
  • Reliability. The engine internals are exposed to higher pressures and temperatures with the added system, so your engine’s lifetime can decrease. However, you can circumvent this problem by building an engine from the bottom up rather than relying on stock engines. 

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For your beloved muscle car, supercharging is likely a great solution. We’re confident that the pros outweigh the cons and supercharging will transform your ride to where you want it. It’s a quick, affordable solution, and we can help take care of it. 

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