Cat Back Exhaust System Benefits

Every gear head is always looking to upgrade their car’s performance, sound, and look. One quick solution to all three of these aspects is a cat back exhaust system. A cat back exhaust is an exhaust system modification that increases airflow and look. “Cat back” refers to the parts of the exhaust system behind the catalytic converter (where the “cat” in the name comes from). It typically includes a rear pipe, resonator, and muffler that all attach after the last catalytic converter. 

So, a cat back is used to indicate an upgrade to the stock exhaust system. And anyone looking to improve their ride should strongly consider a cat back exhaust system. 

Better Performance

The exhaust system is crucial to a car’s performance, especially the catalytic converter which can go bad if it’s overworked. A stock exhaust system strives to minimize the car’s materials while maximizing space. This means that the exhaust system’s performance can suffer, having to work harder with less horsepower. The customization to the system will help with more space. The cat back system’s pipes have a larger diameter than a standard set. With the wide opening, there is more room for airflow. So, your vehicle will get to perform better at a fraction of the work it outputs. 

Better Gas Mileage

With better performance comes better fuel economy. Because the engine won’t generate as much fumes and doesn’t need to work as hard to eliminate or minimize the fumes, your car will run better, saving you mileage. A benefit like this will improve the longevity of your car and even save you money at the gas pump. 

Distinct Sound

Many car fanatics love a unique sound for their ride, almost similar to a racecar. It’s no secret that the standard vehicle exhaust system won’t produce a roaring or distinguishable sound. This is where a back cat exhaust system will be favorable to any motorist. The upgraded system will give you a more enjoyable, louder ride. But this is where certain systems will do better than others, so be sure to look into which one will be right for you. 

Upgraded Look 

Because the cat back system is behind the catalytic converter as the last piece to the system, it stretches to the exhaust tips: the most visible part of an exhaust system. Customization and upgrades will make your car stand out from any general vehicle that rolled off the lot from the factory. A cat back exhaust system is a quick solution for a fresh, attractive look. 

Easy Installation at an Affordable Price 

There are many distinct and differentiable features to each of many cat back exhaust systems, meaning it’ll be easys to find a do-it-yourself cat back installation. The modifications directly bolt where the original exhaust is, so there won’t need to be excessive installation. You’ll have everything you need to replace the exhaust with the pipes, muffler, and tips that come with a DIY package. 

Plus, a cat back exhaust is a relatively affordable upgrade to your car. The average price for an upgrade is between $300 to $1,000, and the wide range of price is due to the slight differences in parts and options that each driver will choose. Still, this is a cheap endeavor to fix almost everything about your car: performance, sound, and look. 

Transform Your Vehicle with Cat Back Exhaust System Modifications 

Evidently, a cat back exhaust system has many benefits all while being a quick, easy, and affordable solution that will transform your car. If you have any questions about what a cat back exhaust system can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at Loper’s Performance Center. 

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