transmission Inspection

5 Benefits of a Transmission Inspection

Your car’s transmission is simply the vehicle’s gearbox, shifting gears at the driver’s control to give power to the wheels at a certain speed. It’s similar to how a bike rider will change gears depending on the condition or desired pace. The transmission itself comprises five or six gear sets, and without it working properly a car won’t run as smoothly or efficiently. Worse, a car might not start and go at all without a good transmission.

If you have any doubt about your transmission’s performance, it is best to get it looked at right away. Here are some indicators of transmission trouble:

  • A burning smell, could indicate that your transmission is overheating or the fluid is burning.
  • Leaking fluid is one of the quickest indicators of an issue. Sometimes coolant might be the leak, so check: if the leak is red and smells sort of like sweat, that could be transmission fluid.
  • Humming or grinding sounds can easily point to an issue with the transmission.

The transmission plays a powerful part in operating the car and ensuring it rides smoothly, so take care of your ride and get an inspection. The benefits of a timely check outweigh the potentially drastic result of ignoring a problem.

1. Improved Safety

With five or six gears, belts, an axle, and a differential, there are a lot of moving parts (literally) behind a transmission’s performance. It can be likely that after a significant period of time and miles, one aspect of the mechanical system went wrong. By getting an inspection before or shortly after noticing a problem, a mechanic can proactively correct the transmission, which ensures a more safe ride.

2. Improved Emissions

Because the transmission is linked to your car’s performance, how well the transmission is operating has an effect on the emissions and smog that your car gives off. One aspect of this is the transmission fluid, which can be difficult to track or measure, unlike your oil. An early inspection will give you and your mechanic a good idea of when that issue will need to be resolved (or if the transmission needs new fluid now).

Or if you have a bad transmission in other aspects, you are still emitting more smoke and pollution. Having a mechanic take a look under your hood can correct any issues and improve the emissions of your car. Some states are requiring a safety and emissions check to cars, and it is smart to be proactive for your car’s environmental effect.

3. Possibility to Detect Other Problems

Sometimes there are more underlying problems to your car’s performance. It might not automatically be the transmission. However, if you have the right idea to get your transmission or other parts of the engine inspected, then perhaps the mechanic will notice other issues. It’s better to be safe and not sorry when dealing with your car.

4. Peace of Mind

Cars can sometimes be stressful, whether you’re driving in traffic, worrying about gas, or potential issues that may eventually arise as you continuously drive (they’re bound to happen eventually). In those situations, you are only in control of solving the problems that your car encounters (you sadly can’t fix traffic or rising gas costs), and this starts with an early inspection.

5. Keep Your Car Lasting Longer

Besides a house, a car is likely your biggest asset. It will only be worth your investment if you take good care of it. Preventative and frequent inspections will make sure your car lasts as long as possible. You can’t abuse or neglect a car, similar to a house. Crucial components, including your transmission, require good upkeep and care.

Final Thoughts

The transmission plays a huge role in your car’s success, which means it can often be the cause of performance issues. This is why we recommend getting an inspection as soon as you may notice a problem. By being smart and getting preventative inspections, you are improving your car’s safety, emissions, potential for other problems, your own peace of mind, and making sure your car lasts longer. Lopers Performance is proud of our experienced technicians and ready to service your car for whatever problems may arise. Contact us to set up a time and date for an inspection to make sure your ride is safe and efficient.