When you need ignition products that you can trust, turn to MSD Ignitions. For over four decades, MSD ignition and MSD ignition boxes have earned a well-deserved reputation for quality, performance, and reliability.

MSD doesn’t just manufacture ignitions and ignition system parts, they create them. They were the innovators of the first multiple-spark discharge ignition control box, and since that breakthrough they’ve continued to change the concepts of ignition by reengineering ignition boxes, billet distributors, ignition coils of all types, and plug wires. And they’re not done yet. MSD Ignitions continues to improve their existing product line and develop innovative products. The benefits of MSD are numerous:

  • Quick starts
  • Increased power
  • Smooth idle
  • Crisp throttle response

Wiring designed with you in mind: it’s never been easier or better looking
Whether you are a weekend racer or a warrior on the race track, MSD has a quality ignition part for your vehicle. When you choose MSD, you’ll experience the benefits of improved performance and reliability in your ignition system.